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Hydraulic Sediment Removal System

Cummins Diesel B3.3

6" HDPE Pipeline 

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Hydraulic Windlass Motor 


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​​​​Our Dredging Equipment

 Our Dredge was custom manufactured for Pajic Construction to meet our strict standards for efficiency and reliability it is designed specifically for use in inland waters.

Length: 21 Feet                                                
Width: 71”
Weight: 3,800 Lbs.

Its pontoons are constructed of Stainless Steel

for superior weight to strength ratio, durability and
safety. Each pontoon is divided into 3 compartments.

The dredge is launched similar to a trailerable
​recreational boat.

Why is this important? It helps us save you money; we don’t have to pass on to our clients expensive hauling permits or crane fees as part of the dredging cost.

Our Engine is a B3.3 Cummings diesel                

It produces 65 Horsepower The B3.3 is built to last, for durability

and reliability, every element of the design adds value:
 - Direct injection for increased fuel efficiency, low heat rejection,
   and quicker starts
 - Deep, stiff crankcase with structural ribs for lower noise and

   increased life
 - An isolated valve cover for reduced noise

With full-authority electronic control of injection timing, this new
level of combustion efficiency by Cummins enables
NOx emissions to be reduced by almost 40% to meet Tier
​3/Stage IIIA standards.

Why is this important? It allows us to do our job with minimum environmental impact. This engine meets current EPA emission standards and allows us to be a good neighbor by operating at sound levels quieter than a commercial lawn mower.

Our Cutterhead, Pump and Windlass all operate hydraulically.

                                                               The Cutterhead is 14” diameter and is driven by a variable speed                                                                           duel hydraulic motors, it loosens silt but is safe to use in membrane                                                                        or clay lined ponds.

                                                                The Pump has 6” discharge and the ability to pump up to 1,500 gallons                                                                 per minute. This high quality industrial pump is manufactured from AR                                                                   (abrasion resistant) steel with a 400-500 Brinell hardness rating. It has                                                                   an open face impeller allowing it to pass objects such as golf ball or
                                                                drink container without stopping the operation.

The Windlass travel system uses a double pulley system driven by 2 hydraulic motors and allows the cable system to maintain precise positioning.

Why is this important?  In one word, Quality Control. Since our goal is to provide our clients the best job at the best price these are the tools that help us maintain an optimum and effective operation.

Our Working Capacity:

Depth is 13 feet
Cutting Width 66 inches
Dredging silt common to Virginia’s ponds and lakes we can remove an average of one cubic yard of in-situ sediment per minute. Even though our equipment has a small footprint it produces industrial results.


​Why is this important?  We don’t cause the type of damage to the surrounding area as excavators on land or barges but can deliver the same work with as little as a 12 foot staging area on the bank of the water body. This saves the cost of cleanup, reseeding to eliminate erosion and additional sedimentation runoff into the very water body you are trying to preserve.